Ocean Blue

Niagara Falls

within a world

as chaotic as mine

you find a way

to bring me

the serene peace

of mind that I need



Nature’s Way


Once upon a quiet summer day,

Let’s take a look at the symphony of nature’s way.

Inhale the scent of the fresh air,

While feeling the wind between your hair.

The grass will graze between your toes,

Smell the flowers with your nose.

Clouds will form images within the skies,

And the light will glisten in your eyes.

Look across the meadow’s way,

And you shall see a young goat play.

Hear the buzzing of the bees,

Climb the tallest willow trees.

When altogether all seems sound,

Lay yourself upon the ground.

Take a moment to inhale,

And listen to Nature tell her tale.




It moves and It moves not.
It is far and also It is near.
It is within and also It is without all this.

It is near to those who have the power to understand It,
For It dwells in the heart of every one;
But It seems far to those whose mind is covered by the clouds of sensuality and self-delusion.
It is within, because It is the innermost Soul of all creatures;
And It is without as the essence of the whole external universe,
Infilling it like the all-pervading ether.

– The Upanishads